26 Aug 2019

The Best 7 Ways

A temporary furnished housing can be hard to find especially when you live in the city of Angels, Los Angeles. Whatever your reason for wanting a short-term or long term furnished apartment: due to apartment renovation, relocating or business trip for few months. Whether you are a student looking for an off-campus housing/room for rent or just a business traveller, there is something for everyone. If you’re in LA area there is an easy solution. But first, let’s see the best ways of finding a short term rental in 2018.

Assert yourself
Before looking for temporary housing in LA, you will most definitely need to figure out how much you would be willing to pay for it. Different houses/apartments come with different prices and features and you need to figure out your financial abilities beforehand.

Recognize your location
You will also need to be certain on the most preferred location you will want to reside in and its proximity to other places like the airport, bus station or your places of interest.
What sort of house are you looking for?
Are you looking for a condo, apartment, off-campus housing, room or a proper house? There are so many types of houses in Los Angeles and you will need to choose which is your most preferred. Also, next comes the features of the house. Do you want a view, heated floors, a fireplace or a balcony? The types of features you want also determine the pricing on the house. All apartments usually come with full set of amenities, high-speed internet and full kitchen.

Reach out to Landlords
After determining the first three steps, you will need to reach out to housing agents and landlords for a survey of houses on the market. Sometimes after looking at houses, you may compromise on the first three steps. But nevertheless, it is important you know what you are looking for when you shop.

Use media to scout the right place
Houses and listings are always found in social media or basic google search. Be sure to check facebook, twitter and Craigslist.com for fully furnished apartments in your location. Search for furnished apartments near me.

Get popular opinion
Before moving into a new place, you may need to acquire a popular opinion about that home/location. No one wants a haunted house or one in a neighbourhood with a high-level crime. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals and gain substantial knowledge.

Get Ready for a Screening Process
There are several steps to be aware of:
1. Phone/Email Interviews. Whenever an inquiry comes in, I always try to have a quick phone or
email discussion.
2. Property Tours
3. Fill out Application & ID Verification
4. Social Media.
A few years ago, many landlords started checking Google, Facebook, Twitter, and
LinkedIn as part of a background investigation of applicants. So, keep it clean:)
5. Proof of Income/Employment
6. Agree on Lease Terms and Durations
You can check step by step screening process guide for Landlords here!

Use RentElement Furnished Apartments
RentElement is by far one of the most effective platforms for finding temporary furnished housing here in LA. Same day move-in process. They provide fully furnished homes at really amazing prices for different kinds of people. These homes are designed to exceed you every need. All you need to do is to visit their website, and you may just be moving in the very next day.
Temporary house hunting in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be so daunting anymore, with RentElement, all your needs are taken care of.


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I’m a Hospitality Specialist and Digital Marketing expert in Real estate niche.

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I’m a Hospitality Specialist and Digital Marketing expert in Real estate niche.

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